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The PADC are a collective of competition organisers, Pro-Am & Teacher-Student competitors and their teachers with a common goal to ensure we all have the chance to share our love for dance in the most positive way possible.


Become a member of our community.

Let's grow together - invite your fellow Pro-Am competitors so they also have their say!




Feedback is an important part

of developing relations and improving the experience of all dancers. We now have a comprehensive 'Competition Feedback' form on the website.

Review your competition experiences now!


Why are we here

We are passionate about making a tangible change to Pro-Am dancing in the UK and require likeminded individuals to assist in making this a reality. These committees will include teachers, professionals and organisers but most importantly the Pro-Am students themselves.

We sincerely hope that this initiative will help to improve and grow the Pro-Am community in the UK.

When we dance together, our hearts start to beat together!

Recent News

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